Shure SM48 Mic

Okay, so, I tried rly hard but I just couldn’t get a lighting setup that worked right on this.
Buuuut, thanks to @cgCody and @sundialsvc4 I finally made this.
I used my Shure SM48 as a reference making this.

This was what I made at first but I discovered that the grey world looked REAAALY bland and empty. I tried to use a HDRI but it didnt quite work.
Buuut then I had a gr8 idea.
I rendered it, put it into photoshop, put some blurry lighting in the background, made some tweaks, and Voila! I had it :smile:

I think it looks good but plz tell me if i could have done anything better.
P.S.: Plz don’t be too harsh cuz i’m only 13 and wanna take this stuff srsly.
Ty. :blush:


See dude?! I told ya you had it in you! Good job. It looks great.

The one thing you might add is a bit of depth of field blurring with focus on the mic end. That’ll go great with the bokeh effect (That’s what that blurred background is called.)


Great work! I never could have made this at your age, you definitely have a great start working with 3d here! Keep up the good work!

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It looks the best good work man,

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