Shure SM57 top wire mesh


I’m modeling a microphone classic - the Shure SM57.

The modeling in general is straight forward. The only part I’m having trouble with is the top wire mesh. How should I go about modeling this? I’d rather model it, than using some kind of normal map or displacement as I intend to do close-up renders. Any ideas?

I think the integrated add-on Mesh:Tissue is really suited for this. There is also a thread about it here.

If you dont want to use a different add on and spend much time on it and dont need close ups, try this:

Model just the shape (basically indented cylinder) with even enough geometry to allow for that pattern ( apply sub-d to get there).
Then select all faces, and run the command poke faces. After run the command Tris to Quads and play with the values until you get only quads. Now if you inset ( double tap I) all faces and delete them you got a very similar pattern. Now you only need to extrude to get depth and most likely put another sub-d on it.

Also dont start from a cylinder primitive but a Cube with a sub d modifier of lvel 2 and apply it.
Than delete the lower half, seelect all faces and press s,z,0 to get a cylinder that allows for nice topology.

Sounds more complicated then it really is :slight_smile: (Probably a bit too small tiles, but you get the idea)

There is a video from Paul Neale about SM58 Mesh Cage. Done in Max but should be easily transferable to Blender. Maybe that helps.

I got around to create a mesh by making a wave pattern.

It looks alright and is pretty convincing. But, not the big question - how do I make the mesh the right shape? Cylindrical with that indent in the middle… Cast does not seem to work, neither does shrinkwrap.

Maybe try this: Add a plane with equivalent resolution as the cage and bind the cage via surface modifier to the plane. Now shrinkwrap the plane. You may wanna start with a sphere first as shrink wrap target and do the indend later with a cast modifier.

Wonder if you can apply this tutorial to what you need.

from CG Masters.

That helped, until it came to the cast modifier, as the grill on the SM57 is not round. Haha, this is by far my biggest challange I’ve come by since picking up blender last winter.