(bryanandhallie) #1

Ive been trying to model a Shuriken, ninja throwing star, and I keep coming across this problem with faces. Unfortunatly I cant post a picture YET, I will

But if someone could answer this quesion…
Is it possible to create a face with more that 4 verticies or edges?
Like say 28? I need a smooth inclination that contans 20 something odd verticies, and is not uniformally incrinative, Is that a word?

Thanks for any comments and I will get a pic up ASAP

(macouno) #2

No you can not create a single face between more than 4 verticles.

But I think what you may be looking for is “subsurfaces”, in the latest versions of blender that option can be found in the modifiers.

(vidar_nelson) #3

Alls yo could make several faces LOOK like they are one, by using N-gons: Select the faces you want to “join” (actually it isn’t joining) and press F, select make from the menu and tadah! Looks like one face (but isn’t).