A Shuriken I have modeled for the one of the forum contests. Need to add materials next. Hows it looking so far? C&C welcome :smiley:
Note: Reference image attached as well.

Quick question, did you use a uniform modifier for this model? Some of the tips don’t look quite the same. And shading smooth the whole model(and adding a subdivision surface modifier) could help the look a lot too!

I like the background btw :slight_smile:

A subsurf won’t help this, its to thin and flat, theres no edge on the blades, and a little bevel on the circle cut would like nice.
So here’s a present, apply the modifiers top to bottom if you need to.


Shur.blend (367 KB)

No subsurf is needed? How come you used it though? Also, your mirror modifier is redundant, the array is all you need for this type of model :).

Lunatic 069: I tried modeling this myself, and I found out that if you just have an array modifier on the object that is linked to an empty, like in cire792’s model, that is all you need. It gives a nice feel of symmetry. Subsurf, and shading set to smooth, will give you the look you want. Hope this works for you!

Whoops, I forgot to atttach the reference that I used. Just basically trace over this picture, and it should look really good. Hope it helps!


I meant a subsurf wouldn’t help his model, because that’s not what needs adjusting. And the mirror is for the Z-Axis, not entirely reduntant, but it can easily applied.

Ah gotcha, didn’t see the bottom there :slight_smile:

I tried using an array modifier mapped to an empty but couldn’t get it to work correctly, couldnt do that with the mirror modifier anyway, and i just felt like going at it by hand. When it to sculpt the blades to make them look a little close to similar though.

With the empty offset, make sure the constant off is selected.
And then to w.e transformation you’d like.
And what do you mean going at it by hand? modifiers are just another tool.
No shame in using them.