"Shut up!"

Yo =]
It was a long time without post anything in here
So its time to come back =]

Shut up

if it doesnt work, try


See ya =]

erm… i dont understand it?

Nice post. :wink:

Cool idea Vinicius, the expression on his face is very captivating.

And are those black spots supposed to be on the mask?

:frowning: its not my fault i dont know , its yours !!! :P. its a cool picture i just dont understand it lol.

same to you.

you dont have to understand it to appreciate it. it was pretty nicely modeled

yea it is nice modeling and stuff i just didnt and still dont understand it . i think he wanted us to tell him what we thought, hi nathan.

i think the person in the picture is being tortured!! :<

very nice pic btw. :smiley:

wow! That looks great, as always! :smiley:

Haha, I love it. One thing though, can he even breath with that thing on? :slight_smile: I also like the folds of skin around the edges of the um “thing” on his face, well done. Not to mention the lighting really sets the mood!


Legal Blitz! As mãos estão matando a pau!
Só achei meio escuro… mas é algo pessoal.

yeah - WINGS ROCKS :slight_smile: nice modelling and concept :slight_smile:

Nice modeling and nice scene setting. The mask has a reel feel.

Textures need a lot of work, though: all materials seem solid while some texture map and tone variation would like awesome, because it’s a close-up… Some Spec and hard would be welcome on the mask also, as the lighting (AO, I suppose?) make the materials real flat.

Hope to see more :slight_smile: Perhaps at an angle showing better the bed and the pillow, which is well modeled also, I think :slight_smile:

I don’t like the lighting and the texture, but the concept is great. Can I buy one of those for my sister? She’s getting on my nerves these days. :wink:

Lighting could be impoved and more details could be added, but other than that, great render. I kike the idea…


Love the concept of this one although it’s pretty twisted.
Maybe that’s why I like it.

I really like the head and the expression and the “device”.
I don’t mind the lack of texturing although the black marks on the mask are a bit baffling.

However, I’m not fond of the left hand. It looks like a big lump of meat with squiqqly tentacles - which is probably like saying that a car is an extruded cube. :smiley:
The fingers don’t seem to be in proportion is what I’m trying to say I guess.


Thanks all =]

Paint textures is a skill that i dont have…so I just put shaped colors in the pic =].For the lights, i was trying a comics look, with some deep black areas.I think it covered too much the image, like the hole for the nose in the mask =]. The hands proportion is a little bit wrong…so i tried to put it in a pose that hide the imperfection =]

Thanks again =]

The modeling looks good, but work on the lighting some more. If you want a toon effect, consider using the Toon shader in the Material buttons.