"SHUT YOUR VASE!!" (sorry for the caps)

For Weekend Challenge 124 I can’t participate in (cause I’m naughty :Z ).

A different version of the famous ambiguous ‘2 faces/1 vase’ picture.
I hope you get it (duh).

C&C welcome.

Ps. it’s still very quiet on WC 124 (me made stupid mistake). No one’s interested in participating?

its kind of hard to tell what your talknig about(i know what it is though maybe you should try enhancing where the faces are with some shadows…

Wow, nicely done. I would’ve entered this weekend, but this damn school thing people keep pressuring me about gets in the way.

I’m sorry if I’m not understanding you, but how can I enhance the place of the faces with shadows if the profiles of the faces are allready totally black? :-?
Making the vase brighter I would understand, darkening the black faces sounds a little hard to do. :smiley:

nice render!

I agree though that the faces are lacking a bit in emphasis.
I think that’s because the black area extends very far to either side. I think the effect would be greater if you cropped the image more like the original. Of course, then it would be almost exactly the same as it which I’m not sure you want. Maybe you could add some other vases to either side to set off the “back” of the heads?

just a few ideas, not sure how they’d look.

I have no trouble seeing the faces.
Maybe it’s because it’s how I see a general elysiun user?

Very Nice. The vase looks photorealistic. The DOF is a nice touch.

Great Work! :smiley:

you could try making no floor and make the vase go off just barely on the top and bottom of the image just like in the other image you posted

Id say dont change it, its subtle and I love it. I thought, nice render, but didnt see anything special until I saw the faces. The idea is simple and it has been done crisply and cleanly, without any fuss.

This is fantastic, please dont make it more obvious.


heh heh heh…good shot whatever!

LOL. Looks like they are biting on a doughnut. :smiley:

Excellent work.

Hi all,

most of your suggestions would mean cropping the image, resulting in much clearer faces. Understandable. But like Bulletdodga said, it doesn’t have to be more obvious. Sometimes you just need a little more time to see everything in a work (especially ambiguous work).

Maybe this kind of work isn’t the right stuff to put on the internet, where we depend on our screensize and mostly watch pics really fast (I know I do). I’d guess that many of the people who watched this work didn’t even notice the faces. But that’s okay. :slight_smile:

The only thing that really bothered me about the work was the DOF acting strange in some places (mostly in the top-flowertexture). Nobody mentioned it yet, so maybe nobody saw it. :wink: