Shuttle and lake composite (Photo/CG)

I was going to put this in the Blender Tests section, but I decided to put it here, because I think it is a finished project although I made it as a test originally :D.

Anyway, basically its a shuttle composited ontop of a picture of part of the sea at a beach in Wales. I think the reflection looks pretty cool. Unfortunately I can’t change it as I seem to have lost the blend file!

Let me know what you think!

Shuttle Model:
Original Modeler - Matthew Parker
Converted by - Rashid Al-Marri


It doesn’t look bad, the compositing is pretty nice, but I have a question; why is only the close front of the shuttle lit with a point light, when there’s light coming all around from the sky and straight light from the sun. Think about it.

Yeh, I know there are some problems with the lighting, it was mainly a test to try and composite the reflection into the sea. And as I said before I can’t change it as I’ve lost the file with the node setup!

The comping is real nice, but , yeah, the lighting on the shuttle looks really bad. With work, this image could be amazing(if your willing to work on it).
Try some AO, and add a sun light, and then a couple of lamps(or a hemi, bluish) to light it up

Amazing reflections. Shame about losing the file, or you could have made this into a really incredible work of art.

I think I might try and re-make the file. But I seem to remember that I spent ages just adding some random RGB curves and stuff, so I might not be able to actually get that amazing reflection back.