Shuttle -Second Project

I’ve been workin on a shuttle lately. Just finished. Got lots of practice with, extruding, uv mapping, particles. Any C&C encouraged.
This is one of the poses i’ve done.
This is a version with Moonraker colors.

I was also wondering if there is a way to make an object impervious to particles. For example make them bounce off the ground when its first launching or keep them from going through the shuttle during reentry.


nice job,

yes there is a way to make an object deflect particles. go to the physics tab and, to the left of where the particle settings are, u should see a area with a big button labled “deflection” (to the right of the field settings). click it. mess around with the numbers.

comments: overall i like it a lot, the only thing i dont like is the very top of the main booster (the red one) looks like a nipple!

Sorry but I think your model needs quite a bit more work, particularally the decals. The SRB boosters simply aren’t marked like that, they’re plain white for the most part, with visible joins between the segments that make them up, and one of them has some black markings painted on around the base of the nose cone so that the left booster can be told apart from the right n photography.

The main fuel tank doesn’t have that “nipple” thing either.

As for the orbiter itself, the cowling aound the main engines doesn’t look right, and the windows for the cockpit definately aren’t.

The exhaust for the SRBs looks pretty good, but the main engines don’t produce the same kind of exhaust. The main engines burn hydrogen and produce a flame that looks somewhat like the flame from a gas stove, blue in colour and actually not all that visible with no smoke.

I’d suggest you get ahold of as many images and videos of the shuttle as you can get your hands on, should be a good place to start.

hey all, thanks for the replies.

I took out the top of the fuel tank.

Thanks for the info on the deflection thing. I’ll try it as soon as i’m done repainting the thing.


I agree the decals could use a little work. Or a lot. :wink: I was more trying to learn the technques. How to unwrap it, etc.
now that i’ve figured out how to raise the resolution of the uv layout, i’ll rework it. (good practice in photosop too. :smiley: ) Is there a way to change the specularity of the windows themselves, rather than changing it for the faces that are in the general vincinity of them?

What part is the cowling around the main engines? is it the two raised things on either side of the tail?

as for the exhaust on the main engines, I see what you mean. I always just imagined them giving off the same thing as the boosters, but now that i look at the pictures i see it.

I’ll definately get some more pictures.

Thanks again