sIBL for Blender

I remember people had been asking for this:-

This is great news - more publicity to Blender.

I use sIBL a lot.

This is awesome news…I have been using sIBL with modo for a long time. It is great.

Thanks for posting the news.

P. Monk

Simple question, will the loader script and template for Sibl_gui work with Sibl_Gui 3.50 and Blender as my PC is 32 bit. Everything appeared to go where it should, I’ve set up the port and IP address in Blender to match the sibl_gui exe values, but each time I try to run an export from sibl_gui I get “nonetype object has no attribute text”.

EDIT: Found the sibl gui bit in Blender eventually, but once I start the server and try to launch the sibl_gui I get this…