Sick Car Model


Here’s a model of a sick car that I did. Its for an add for a car repair shop!

C&C Appreciated!


It looks to me like he has 4 eyes, you might want to put his eyes on the headlights instead (I know you’ll have to model an interior though).


I put the eyes on the windows just because it reminds me of the look of Pixar’s “Cars.” It would just look distorted and out of proportion if his eyes were on the headlights :o

But thanks for the review!


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Maybe, you can just make the headlights less vivid by making them white. I also noticed that the thermometer is penetrating the car’s teeth. And the tongue could be more shiny and have smaller bumps. Overall, the materials could use a lot of work if you’re going for a realistic look. But they look fine if you’re going for a more simple feel.


I’m going for more of a cartooney look(sorry for not mentioning it earlier).

I just thought that if a car had eyes I really shouldn’t go for “Super” realistic look…:slight_smile:


I gotta tell you I looked at your thread headline and thought to myself “wow this guy thinks a lot of himself saying what an awesome and “sick” model he just built” (if you don’t know sick can also means awesome) and then I scrolled down and saw your car. it was a funny moment. anyway, good job!

my only problem is the thermometer - I couldn’t really tell what it is, maybe put some black temp markings on it?

… . it’s sick alright…


Wow…I didn’t think about that…

Thats pretty funny:p

Thanks for the reply, do you have any suggestions on how I can add the black marks to it though? I couldn’t figure it out…

Thanks again!


That thermometer bugs me. It looks like a metal stick painted red almost to the top. You might want to bring down the reflectivity and specular hardness.

great idea, and it already works, but it could use somemore work. The tongue just looks wrong. it doesn’t even look cartoony. it looks like a floormat layed over the bumper. try to work on the shape a litte, put the “groove” in the middle, and maybe use a texture with tonguelike bumps

I think the eyes are fine, though the headlights look kind of messed up

keep up the good work

Thanks again for all of the comments everyone!

I don’t know what I could do without constructive criticism!

Anyway, I guess I’ve got some work to do! I’ll go ahead and fix the thermometer(still dunno how to add black marks to the extent that they look good) and the tounge(since this is the most complained about :p)

Thanks again!


Really nice work but I guess the cars’ expression needs a little work;
the mouth is just straight. Maybe you can move down the corners a bit. If you put eyelids just above his pupils, he would also look a bit more down/depressed/sick. It’s not always easy to make this comments clear so I just put a smiley to it: :frowning: --> this is pretty much the expression I ment. Mouth open & eyelids/-brows a bit lower.


Lol I thought that as well at first. If that was the intention, then good job! The modeling is nice and the tongue is well textured but i do agree that the thermometer is a little weird.

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