Sick - sculpting sketchbook


So, here are a few sculpts. More to come soon,hopefully…

click on the images to see bigger image (1280x720)

Except for the first head, I’ve used a base mesh from here.


woah! you’ve got this sculpting thing down
they all look amazing, especially the second and third one
i’ll be watching for more updates from you :slight_smile:

Thanks for dropping by Jeepster. :slight_smile:
I think the reason why the second and third one look better is because the base mesh has good proportions to start with, so I can just focus on drawing.
I’m trying to render some turntables now, but, I had to change the area lights to spot lights with shadow buffer to have smaller render times and the lighting looks worse to me. Anyway, I’ll post them later today if nothing goes wrong.

I’ve uploaded a video with a turntable of the two last sculpts.
Pay no attention to the lack of ears or detail on the back. :no:

Hope you like it. :slight_smile:

Always nice to see sculpts with some defined creases. Any pointers on how you archieve those? Pinch tool?


Yes, I use pinch. First I draw the lines, then pinch them and finally smooth.

a couple of quick ones, not much satisfied with the outcome though…

Very detailed sculpts. I like, I like. The cooked clay looks nice too.

woah! that’s insanely detailed! i think you should consider sculpting the entire body next time :smiley:

Thanks Azmisov and Jeepster

It’s funny you say that, because I’ve been thinking that I’m kinda stuck into sculpting/drawing heads for quite a while already. I’ll try to solve it with next sculpt.


Excellent topic.
The last one is the best! Truly amazing…
Nice work with the lightning as well.

Fort Ash

wow! that amazing!

I think that for entire body, at that level of multiresolution Blender will crash … anyway I want to see :slight_smile:

Why is everyone so sad? :slight_smile: Awesome modeling.

Nice job… but i think it’s possible to do the same using Blender sculpt tool… you know… the only “real” advantage that zbrush has over Blender right now is the workable poly count… because there are no good workarounds… all the other limitations has decent workarounds… btw xbrush4 is coming soon, i think such software is very good to be used together with blender, i would surely buy a license if there’s support for my platform (linux).

are u using zbrush??
mmmh… in a Blender forum??


fort ash, I’ve been working with lighting lately,so, thanks for saying that :slight_smile:

MmAaXx, you’re probably right. these models have around 2 million faces, but I don’t think that would be enough to get that much detail in a whole body, and I seriously doubt I can go any further with multires. However, breaking the body into smaller pieces might work alright, we’ll see…

Sycosys, hehe, I didn’t notice 'til you said it, but,yeah they look a bit sad. Actually, I was just looking for a neutral pose with no regard to expressions at all. But, will try to cheer them up a bit in the future.

Repgahroll, perhaps I should have made it clearer at the beginning of the thread, but, I use blender for everything in these images. The only zbrush related thing is the base mesh, that comes from a zbrushcentral user. It is just an .obj file and the mesh actually looks like this (I cut out the rest of the body to have it ready for sculpting the heads)

You wouldn’t by any chance be willing to share that base mesh?

You can find a link to download it at the end of the first post. :wink:

The base mesh was done by someone called Vidar at zbrushcentral forums, and I downloaded the low poly OBJ package.

Oh thanks, didn’t see that :smiley:

new one - whole body as promised (sort of…)

I run out of polygons in the face too soon. I’ve reached 1,6 million faces and couldn’t go further because the next subdivision made the model to be around 6 million polygons and left my computer with no free memory. Got to optimize the base mesh I’ve created for this.

Also, I got stuck with the hands and didn’t finish arms, legs and feet (not that the rest looks finished, but I’ve barely touched those areas).