Sick - sculpting sketchbook

Yup, it is Dr. Robotnik/ Eggman :slight_smile: I did it for a mini contest over at a spanish speaking forum called blenderheads. But I did rush him too much, should have put more work into it.

These are great sculpts sick. !!!
Its time to speak about the limitations of blender sculpture.

  1. We need a dynamic topology function! Like sculpris but more like voxels (3DC) way.
  2. We need a re-topology room for this. I mean a great one, with great tools. Not an auto-retopo (which is interesting BTW), just some great functions like all we have in boxing modeling. These functions don’t work in re-topo of blender. Why?

some are kinda creepy look’n… but cool!:eyebrowlift2: i like the landscape stuff.

Nice work sick, I like your design language, its very gritty and dark. A lot of your work makes me think of the stuff H.R Giger does, or as others have mentioned - Tim Burton.

This is one of my favorites so far, the background and lighting setup are perfect:

Me too. It reminds me of a character on an anime. :smiley:

michalis, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. There’s the work Farthsary’s doing with unlimited clay, dunno when/if it will be added to blender though :frowning:
  2. I’ve seen recently some videos about auto-retopo in 3dCoat, that would indeed be great to have. What box-modelling features are you talking about?

    John A.M.
    , thanks!

    , thank you! Burton’s been always a reference for me, I didn’t know it was so easy to spot in my work :slight_smile: Funny you mention Giger, it’s not the first time it happened recently, and even though I love what I’ve seen from him, I’m not really sure how his style got into my doodles, probably he’s an important reference to the people I’ve been drawing inspiration from. I moslty look at stuff from Wayne Robson, Jordu Schell and Aris Kolokontes.

Kind of late update, since I posted this a while ago in Finished Projects forum, link here:


Hey Sick, great work on the chimp, looks very realistic. Would you mind answering a question? How do you get the fine detail of your sculpts (like the wrinkles of the chimp) to standout so well in your renders? Thanks, Acer.

Acer, thanks :slight_smile: I guess detail remain that visible in my renders because I usually render the high-res model instead of baking to a lower-res model.
Besides that, I remember being frustrated when I started sculpting because most of the fine detail I sculpted got lost in renders, it looked ok in the viewport but was invisble afterwards. Back then I tried to be subtle with detail, and tried to sculpt it like I’d like it to look in the render, but along the way I’ve learnt to make it more obvious and exaggerated in the sculpt, so it survives the rendering process.
One thing that helps a lot with those wrinkles is the skin alpha textures I’ve been using lately; here’s a link in case you want to try them:

New stuff:

I’ve tried retopo-ing the lizard to do a second sculpt pass on it, but haven’t got around finishing it, still don’t like retopo, at least with the snap option in 2.5. Gotta try a different method…

Progress !!! Always. Great sculpts already.

Thanks michalis :slight_smile: I’ve just been through your whole thread at zbrushcentral, waiting to see where you go with that roman bust.

Green lantern guys is awesome. All done in blender? Textures too?

ha ha, a small community it is (as master yoda used to say).
Hard times on this bust, made in an hour but I started from scratch again. Parts that I can’t understand. I never managed to paint or sculpt without been in front of the subject or at least some reference nice photos.

Thanks JoseConseco, almost everything is done with blender. I painted the texture in blender, very quick and simple, it has a lot of errors because of that, and, since I never get skin colours right when I paint, I edited it a bit with Gimp. All the renders have some Gimp work too.

Michalis, I remember looking at a Roman bust that looked a bit like yours, but there was only one picture of it. I know what you mean about references, very hard to work without them, I can’t follow them close enough, but always have some pictures as guidelines for sculpting and painting.

Wow, great sculpts Sick. I especially like the Green lantern. Also thanks for taking the time to answer my question, what you said was really helpful. Bye the way, the link to the alpha textures you posted, seems to be down right now, getting a 404 error. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Yeah, the link is dead, he’s changed the site recently and the link’s not working, I should have tried before copying it.
The link to the old site still seems to work, though, try this:

Thanks Sick, works great now.

finally, some time to update this…

a couple of doodles…

…and a character I’ve started for the pre-dominance war, that I did not have time to finish yet :frowning:

i like these, well done, well sculpted! :yes:

This guy rocks! Paint that badboy up.

Really nice sculpting, ben 's favorite. Convincing details!
I need to see ears, ears need topology LOL, this ‘torture’ became a 10 min intermediate for me now, I use to retopo my sculpts two or three times.