Sicrificed (BWC)

I am not really good at hand drawing and sketching so the best way is to described the scene the way I see it.

At dawn, an unconscious women is being pulled into the dark by a creature. The women is on a wooden and leather stretcher. The creature is probably a troll or ogre looking, wearing basic leather and belt and an axe on is back. In is left hand, a skull torch and for is right hand the rope of the stretcher. The scene suggest that the women is going to be sacrificed.


Update, war axe


This looks awesome so far man, I can’t wait for more updates/ the final outcome.
Best of luck with your work

yea! what you have so far is lookin great :smiley:
good luck :slight_smile:

Here’s another update!

The woman mesh is from Make Human.


Update on the girl


[ATTACH]83769[/ATTACH]Stretcher done


looks good :smiley: nice work with the textures

Ya I totaly agree, this is great man!
That strectcher is sweet. Good luck.

update again on the girl, i am not all happy with the hair and the clothes looks to thin but its getting there.


Is it just me or is her head a little bit too big.

Well I guess it’s just the angle, either way your texture and color are awsome can’t wait to see it finished. I hope I finish mine so you can tell me what you think.

Here’s my troll and the basic scene!


Very good texturing work!The characters are great too,the Troll has a bit of WoW style.

This is some really good work! Everything is come out wonderfully! I can’t wait to see the finished scene!

Here’s another update


Looking ok so far. I like the skull torch and the environment looks nice and curvy :slight_smile:

But the girls proportions are all off. Her head is too big, legs to short. She looks to wide and stumpy if you ask me. :yes:
Find some references and stretch her out a bit.

I would also suggest that you model the girl again using your own skills, instead of using a model from makehuman.
Your troll looks very cool, and you modeled that yourself right? Your definitely capable of making your own chick from scratch :smiley:

some more update,
if i have the time, i am thinking about adding a dragon in the background but I’l see
how it go’'s.


Very nice work so far. You’ve got goo texturing skills.

A part of me agree’s with AD-Edge in that I think you should make the girl yourself, but a lot of people start with a base mesh of a human and change it. A lot of professionals do it because it’s a big time saver. Often times they make a base generic mesh themselves.

The bright purple hair isn’t working very well for the scene though.Maybe make it a very deep, almost black purple? Or go with more of a sandy color.

If you end up not having time to make the dragon you might want to make some kind of ritualistic scene in the background that the troll is moving towards.