Side by side VR rendering

I recently watched a tutorial for Blender 2.77 about rendering side-by-side VR output and tried to get the same result in 2.82a but couldn’t get it to work or even output side-by-side images.

Has the stereoscopy feature changed or am I doing something wrong? Or is 2.8x that much different than 2.77?

There was no official support of VR in 2.77 and there is none in 2.82a.
Only stereoscopic rendering of frames is supported.

Stereoscopy workflow did not change in 2.8. There were some bugs in first 2.8 releases.
But output settings are at same place under Output panel of Output Properties tab.
Into Views subpanel, you just have to switch from Individual to Stereo 3D and choose side-by-side Stereo mode.

VR will be supported in 2.83 with the help of a bundled official addon.

You can test it with the alpha.

I tried all that but could not get Blender to output a side-by-side frame. All that would display is either a single frame or red/blue anaglyph.

As far as I know it can only display a single image or an anaglyph in the render result window. You have to save the image with the proper settings (stereo mode --> side by side) for what you want.

I will give that a shot.