Side Modelling Problem


As you can see, I’m a very new member and I wish to present you a little problem that I’m having with modelling.

I’ve found this drawning and I’ve thought it was a great reference for me, but I’ve doomed myself with it, because:

I’ve put all the “edgeloops” (That’s the right name?) in the front view, not with perfection but I’ve did it. But now I can’t continue with the side view, it seems to be impossible! (Because it is A LOT of vertices and I can’t properly see the whole thing) What you have to say for me? Can you help me? I mean, probably I should have done the two things at the same time, but anyway, have you suggestions? Any useful tutorials to show me about this particular process?

How can I model both sides with efficiency?

Thank you very much!

Lol you just have to move every single vertice one by one now no way around it. Ofcourse you can always start over.

It looks like you’re using straight polygonal modeling, and like I have said on quite a few occasions, organic models are more suited for subdivision modelling. You can use less polygons with a degree of control of your liking. Less polygons, less points to move around, less headache. Another thing to keep in mind is using the mirror modifier during construction so that whatever you do on one side is copied on the other.

Of course another way would be to start with a low quality base mesh and use multiresolution modifier with sculpting.