Side scroller animation help

I have a question. When making a sidescroller, do you make to two separate animations(one for left, one for right) for looking left or right, jumping left or right, walking left or right, etc.?

You could do either that or just apply another rotation when you press left or right.

You could use a UV scroll to invert the coordinates of the UV, giving the effect that the animation is “flipped”

@agoose77 What exactly do you mean by “UV scroll”?

@arhusebo What do you mean by applying another rotation?

Also, one problem that I have for making different animations for left and right is that sometimes if I push the arrow keys really fast the model will be moving right but looking left. That also happens sometimes if I push both arrow keys at the same time.

arhusebo means to rotate the player object. It would work if the palyer had ‘twoside’ enabled
UV scroll simply manipulates the mapping of the texture, so you can change how it is mapped to the plane (change which vertex is right,left,top,bottom etc)

Do you guys think I am talking about sprites? My bad, I should’ve been more clear. It is an actual model I have.

Oh, in which case you could simple rotate the player 180*degrees

I could do that, but then I would usually have problems like the one explained in post #4.

If you get that problem try activating “TRUE level triggering” for the left/right keyboard sensors. That might work.

I have never tried doing that before. I will do it. Thanks for helping guys.