Side-Scroller Shooter

I just thought I would share this simple project. Still has work to be done, but this is how it basically go’s, your a ball with a gun and you run around a 2d side scroller level, collecting money, solving puzzle, ect… i plan to add player skinning (you can choose what your player looks like) also custom skinning (you can draw your own picture and set it as the skin), more guns (which you can purchase from the “store”), badguys (including “Bosses”), and some other cool stuff. I have a mock-up level you can check out. Plz send feed back!

Control -
Move mouse to aim
Left click to shoot
Left-Right arrows to move
Up arrow to jump
A / Z to zoom in and out

Have fun!!!

(File was too big to attach, use this link)

see if you can get the 100 dollar bill at the top!
Note: The spiral lift thingy, was’nt ment to look like a swastika. :no:

I have suspended this project until blender 2.5 release

hard game but fun. it seem that you for got to pack the textures

oops, i’m forgetful, try downloading again, iv’e updated the level. I know the 100$ is hard to get but it’s possible! And what do you mean by hard? hard to control or hard level?

way beter but whats with the nazi sighn

lmao! never thought of it that way. I guess my sub-conscious creativity is racist!

Try using a water wheel-shaped thing instead.

lol, it was a simple test level i made in a few minutes, I dont think im gona put the nazi sign in the final release :smiley: