SideFX Solaris reveal

SideFX finally reveled Solaris, it’s native-USD layout, lookdev and lighting platform.


there’s some jaw dropping stuff in that presentation :slight_smile:

Any timestamps with highlights for those who don’t have an hour to sit through the whole thing right now?

TL:DW; The hierarchical structure of USD with the procedural power of Houdini.
And a new interactive renderer Karma to top it off.

The new stage environment let’s you quickly build up scenes a la Katana or Clarisse, based on imported assets. But with the power of Houdini behind it. Change it all, even after import.
The new renderer is like that as well, with the option to pipe in other renderers as well.

You should watch the video, it’s quite interesting what they’re going for.

Looks USD is really powerful. Having variants for every asset without hassles… and programmable.
Anyway Houdini’s interface is horrible. Blender’s much better.

when the first version of Katana was out there were talks like: “Oh cool it’s like houdini but specially fro layout and lighting”. And now sidefx integrated that workflow into houdini but keepeng all houdini power and multiplied that by usd/hydra.
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That’s good that Ton is very interested in usd now too - there’s the way industry’s going

Oh, now i get it.
SideFx is trying to take over large parts of the CG-market. In one chess move they just went into competition with Katana and Clarisse, making external lighting and lookdev tools irrelevant for Studios already heavily entrenched into Houdini.
They already approached the gaming market successfully, now the lookdev and scene assembly tools, guess what’s next?
Yeah right…Character Animation and rigging. Its obvious that they aim at Autodesk next.
Many people have foreseen this, it had to happen eventually, the interesting thing is that it does right now.

can someone explain what it is ? i didn’t get why it so much important for houdini users.

so Essentially it a Unified Look Development Massive Scene with High preformance Ability to store multiple assets

The ability to place objects that interact with other object for more naturalistic stage layout . A whole set of controls to quickly tune your scene lighting and make multiple passes

It could be important not only to Houdini users but for anyone who want to build efficient VFX pipeline.

  1. Pixar’s USD provides super performant and flexible way to store 3d scenes and deliver them into the renderer.
  2. USD allows to bilt efficient non destructive collaboration between artist so they could work on the same scene at the same time in the safe way. Usd tools actually even allow to collaborate in real time like Google Docs do.
  3. Katana-Like Node interface allows to have everything you need in one network. Starting from geometry, then materials, lights cameras and render settings. Everything is laid out as plain network with readable data flow from start to an end. Especially cool here that it is possible to set up tens (or maybe hundreds) of shot in a single network reusing a lot of stuff between them. It’s one of the main reasons why most of the big VFX studios moved all their lighting work into Katana. Efficient and tidy setup for a big amount of shots to render.
  4. All this inside houdini is multiplied by power of houdini itself - making this network procedural, and ability to use other houdini tools at the any moment.

All of this allow to generate much more massive scenes with much less manpower and in shorter periods of time.

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