sidescroller Monster Truck game

I yesterday started and just finished this game at my spare time. this is very similar to my motocross sidescroller game. The goal is to get to the track’s other side.
screenshots from latest version:

Latest version
blend: MT.blend (814 KB)
windows standalone:
try disabling ‘‘enable all frames’’

Up/Down : drive forward/brake
Left/Right : torque chassis to left/right

Q/A : resize back wheel
W/S : resize front wheel
(resizing wheels helps when you get stuck)

Esc: pause, ingame menu

Latest version:
first track upgrade
2 new tracks - “Industrial madness” and “Rolling stones”
background for each track
pause - Esc

tracks still has no finish lines and timer or score

Have Fun!

Holy crap that is wicked :yes:
wow…5 stars
maybe a background?

game has no textures, and i want to stick to it… so ill have to make background with vert colors :slight_smile:

Holy cow…!
I mean lamb
In just a day?!

lol okay…and yes i did make it to the finish :slight_smile:

bout 12 - 15 hours…

…need to make more tracks
feel free to edit and make your own tracks :slight_smile:

not bad :slight_smile:
in fact very good :yes:
simple…and most of all fun :cool:

I give you an honourary invitation to gamefabric!
_ _

Thats great! Maybe add a flip button for if you get stuck.

Grate work !:eyebrowlift:
Do get to the end you need to have strong nerves !:smiley:

This is excellent! I love the crumpling cars! :smiley:

It might just be worth Blendenzo’s ‘Seal of Approval’, though thats for him to decide not me, still a very fun game and i might just make a level of my own…:wink:

Funnest blender game ever!

here is runtime for windows
i just relised that you should disable “Enable all frames”. It runs faster, and it is easier to play.

btw what is gamefabric?

In making this game in just one day you forgot the most important part of the truck… the JET TRBINE BOOSTER!!! :eyebrowlift: Here’s a modded-out Blend… Spacebar to ignite jet booster… enjoy everyone! :eyebrowlift:

Wow…words…fail to describe my awe.

This is possibly one of the most playable, fun things that anyone has ever put together with the BGE.

These are the kind of games that the BGE is suited for; The kind of games that we should all try to make more often.

PS: Heh, nice mod akula.

Social has said everything that I wish to say, so I will not retype it. Just read it again as though I were saying it. (That includes the comment on akula’s mod.)

Same here, this type of gameproject is a much better choice to do in blender than for example wannabe-counterstrikeprojects.:wink:

thank you all!
akula that was fun flying through track :eyebrowlift:. ill put this as powerup before huge jumps. It is too easy to have it whole time.
now i’m making 1 stealth-track and 1 speed-track.

wow amazing! A tut from start to finished would be cool resources for the GE for side scrolling games…

Amazing, bro. Just curious, how do you keep the planes of the truck upright? I tried to do something like this a while ago but couldn’t figure it out.