Sidescroller wall collision problem

Top of the morning Blender Buddies!

I’m trying to create a sidescroller game but it seems that my character is colliding with the wall to the left. And when I try to do a double jump to the other platform and my character barely made it, the platform is not colliding right.

Blend file: Platformer.blend (802 KB)

Note: You can perform double jump but hitting the spacebar twice

Also note that I need the character to be dynamic for the linear velocity in the simple motion.

Thank you!

Have your movement actuators apply linear velocity rather than using translation (Loc). You have the right idea with jumping, just apply that same motion to running.

If you change the Loc of an object, you are essentially ‘teleporting’ it with magic through space. Useful, but not in your case. You want your physics object to be moved with physics, not magic.

Here, take this and go forth

Jump = use to play jump animation

Jump STARTS at 45 and ends at zero, I can make a ‘Landing plop’ frame chunk if need be


MeatlikeSubstitute.blend (490 KB)