Sideways skewed Animation?

I have a pretty good animation for more or less my first project–I’ve rendered 250 frames and played it back in Blender fine. However, when I try to animate to a video file–I’ve tried avi jpg, avi raw, and some of the quicktime options-- The pictures look fine as it is rendering but the images are all skewed sideways upon playback. The bottom of the image is skewed to the left and the top to the right. This is true whether I play back in Blender or in quicktime.

I just rendered five jpgs, and they playback skewed, but each jpg image looks fine when I open it individually in another application.

What is wrong?

Have I hit some button by mistake?

Ultimately, I want to end up with a file that I acn email to my brother to show off the cool new open source 3D program I’ve been learning… :wink: :wink:

Thank you, once again.

What render size are you using? Try 640x480.

Download ViritualDub and save through that.

640x480 is animating right now-- but what could have gone wrong? I had a whole animation working fine, and it was bigger than that…

VirtualDub-- I think it’s windows only? I’m on a mac.

I rendered a 6-frame animation. The individual jpgs look fine, but the animation now plays backin a much smaller size, and still skewed.

In the scene buttons (F10 where all the render options are…) is the aspect ratio settings (AspX and AspY) both set to 100

Just a hunch!

Also have you tried rendering to avi - raw which doesn’t do any kind of image compression?