Siege - short animation

Hi everyone,
Althought I have an account here since quite a lot of time now, I never actually posted anything here yet. This will be my first post, therefore I’d like to introduce myself. I’m a 3D graphic enthusiast and Blender user since version 2.43. Using this program became my hobby and in my free time I’m constantly trying to develop my Blender knowledge and artistic skills. I’ve made some stills in the past and I’ve been posting them on polish Blender forum. One of those stills concerning Lego bricks eventually turned into a short animation which I would like to share with you.
It became my graduation project during postgraduate course in 3D animation. All the work was made almost entirely in Blender - from models, animation, compositing etc. to video editing. It’s in polish, no subtitles yet, but story is very simple and the dialogues are pretty basic. I’m loosely plannig english language continuation.
I hope you enjoy it and I’ll be glad to see some comments. :slight_smile:

Here are some stills from the film:

That was funny.

Very funny.

There really isn’t much point in making an English language version, it’s just martial growling anyway, which is pretty much the same in any language, unless you’ve got some really really good jokes embedded in the Polish dialog that I didn’t pick up on. In fact, if you are planning on another soundtrack anyway, make it gutteral growling in gibberish, and then add subtitles. You can have all sorts of fun with subtitles.

Welcome to BlenderArtists :smiley:

:yes:Very funy!

Wow! That was really really good. your composition, angles, editing, everything! I also love the way you’ve animated the faces using image sequences. I’ve experimented with this myself, but never thought to use it on lego men, strangely enough. It would be great to see some more of your work!

Hilarious! But really well done. It is pretty evident that a lot of effort on your part has gone into it.

Really funny and well done

I agree with Orinoco. If any of the soldiers weren’t saying much, I wouldn’t worry about translation.

Nice work! Funny too.

Thank you for your comments and warm welcome. I am very pleased you liked the animation, it’s very encouraging. I hope I will be able to show something more in the future.

love an animation that will make me laugh Well done!

Great!! and hilarious, cool music… great job, we want more… :yes:

Uhau, great !

Made me laugh, nice one.

This is so good, I really enjoyed the humor, well done!!! Plastic lego blocks bouncing off the castle my favorite, thought it was going to shatter the wall.

Nice, I really like it

Very cute and creative.

That’s really cool and funny. Nice work!

Love it!
Especially the quick reverse at the end.

That was great. Lots of laughs :smiley: