hi guys, this is my new project: Siesta

Blender 3D
Render: Cycles
Post-production: Photoshop

full project on Behance:

hope you like it (:

Nice bug! Branch could do with a bump map though.

Outstanding bug material, like real! But first (and last) branch are too flat or more like too much irregular, they seem to don’t match UV.

really good iridescent like material. Check out the ‘Manticore’ from A Game Of Thrones… I was watching the VFX breakdown of it just this morning. Im guessing you drew inspiration from it actually.

Congratulations on a terrific run.

Really Awsome!!!

pretty much real…

Seems like the the branch needs displacement, not bump map. Great modeling though. Sheesh, so detailed. Did you use a normal to texture the scarab or did you render the high poly?

Excellent :slight_smile:

a bit of both, the small dots in texture were with Bump Map, already the largest reliefs were at Sculpting

thanks for all the reply, guys!