SiFi Fighters School (Search and Shoot)

This is a search and shooting game. Based on Blender 2.75 (32 and 64 bit) :eyebrowlift2:

Runtime (inkl. Blender sources and all ressources), Windows 32 and 64 bit, 4 MB RAM, Graphic power=middle

Three levels, different ambients, different space ships arms.
Use key “H” for help screen.

Level 1: :yes:
Normal playtime: 560 sec.
Videos: (showing the masters work)
Lesson1 [video][/video]

Find and destroy (stations are protected by mine fields). Control your Maschiene for the other levels.

Level 2: :eek:
Normal playtime: 330 sec.
Videos: (showing the masters work)
Lesson2 [video][/video]

Mars. Find and destroy aliens.

Level 3: :cool:
Normal playtime: 380 sec.
Videos: (showing the masters work)
Lesson3 [video][/video]

Cool, ice planet. Active opponents. You can protect your ship with a protective shield.

Download side: Fighters School (V1)
Download Game: ZIP-File with Exe-File

Into screen shot:

Lesson1 sample:

You can send me your message under [email protected]

Have fun


Hi, it looks nice. I like the ship designs and the levels seem well made.

Some tips for getting more people to try your game:

  1. add some screenshots. People like to see what the game is like, and they might be using their phone to browse the site. So they don’t want to watch a video.
  2. If you do upload a video, why not upload to Youtube or another site which allows embedded videos? People are reluctant to open a strange link which could have anything on the other end.

32 and 64 bit runtime now available (in the same package).

Have fun

Nice and low-poly :slight_smile:

The controls are quite weird (as far as I figured them out).

Looks like Terminal Velocity…