C&C anyone?

I never knew there was a Sig556 in Counter-Strike.

I know there is a Sig550:

Apart from that, nice work :smiley:

the sig550 is the autosniper, the sig552 is the terrorist equivalent of the AUG, the sig556 is the real life civilian version of the sig552.

Is this meant for ingame use or what?

As there is alot of detail thst should be added in model and not texture if it is a show piece and not in game thats missing.

Either way nice looking model though.

It is probably going to be a game model, once the modelling is finished I will work on lowering the poly count.
Here’s a comparison pic between my model and the real thing…

'nother update:
I added the top rails and the magazine:

and a wireframe pic:

Polycount as of just now is 5770 triangles.
I think I’m also going to make a SWAT version, which has some different rails on it.

very cool. it would be nice with a SWAT version :smiley:

5770 tris is alot for a game model of a weapon. Most of that detail of the ribbing could be attached as a texture to reduce the poly count. Anyways, it looks pretty cool aside from the high poly count. This might be a chance for you to try out the new texture baking features in the latest CVS version of Blender. Bake the texture of the higher poly model then run the Poly Reducer script so you get the low poly count with the lighting of the higher poly version. Anyways, just a suggestion.

ugh…the most useful replies i get and i get them after my computer breaks and I lose the files…thats right theyre all gone, my computer got a virus the day after I finished the SWAT version and i had to reformat the hard drive…unfortunately I hadn’t made any backups yet (hey, who needs em, my computer’ll never break, its new!)
anyway…thanks for the support.

Bummer about your computer. That gun was looking really good.

hey well the experience wasn’t lost. next time will just take half the time.