siggraph 2009 tech papers preview

some neat things, including nils thuerey’s latest work that was linked here recently:

cmon dev team, finish 2.5 already so we can start hounding you to add all these new toys… :wink:

Nice variety of high tech bunny abuse there.

Daniel Genrich, :smiley:
I know you’re reading.

OOooh ! shit Im so curious about the OpenCL , being able to run fire/fluid/smoke simulations on the Graphic cards!! … :smiley:

Blender 2.5 definitely needs more bunnies…

Looks awesome :slight_smile:

watching…will be back…

I actually found the image editing most interesting…that and the rigging and animation.

Maybe blender can use some of the image editing for rotoscoping. It’s something they’ll need for project mango, the vfx project.

Remember Nathan Matsuda’s, awesome student film, Hangar No. 5? While all the 3d was done in blender it was composited in Shake. Nathan said one of the reasons he didn’t use Blender for compositing was because it lacked good roto and paint tools.