Siggraph 2009

Is there any sort of blender presentation at Siggraph this year? I plan on going, I just need to find a roommate to cut the cost of the hotel.

where’s it at ?

New Orleans

Monday, 3 August

Blender Foundation, Community Meeting
Ton Roosendaal presents results of the past year’s activities and the Blender 2.5
release. Everyone interested in Open Source projects is welcome to attend
and provide feedback.

Monday, 2- 4 pm
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Room 287
Ton Roosendaal
Ton (at)

Blender Foundation, Artist Showcase
Blender artists show realized projects and give short tutorials about techniques used to
create 3D animation, visual effects, and games with open-source software.

Monday, 4 - 5:30 pm
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Room 287
Ton Roosendaal
Ton (at)

You also might want to check out Animux presentation

Animux: Free Software for Animators
Animux is an absolutely FREE animation toolset that is used to handle all the tasks of pre-production, production, and post-production stages of a high-quality animation project.

Monday, 11 am - 1 pm
Ernest N. Morial Convention Center
Room 264
Mark Puttnam

I am helping these guys with their distro and as far as I know Mark will be doing some Blender related stuff as well. Too bad I can’t make it though, would totally love it.

I have a talk on etch-a-ton on Friday. That’s a technical talk though, don’t expect much user oriented info.

Second slot in the Character Animation and Rigging session.


I’m gonna be there… talking smack and having a good ol’ time.


Ha, I tried to find it by searching the Siggraph site for etch-a-ton. :no:

Don’t you have to pay extra for the conferences?

Looks like the Birds of a Feather ones (that’s the two Blender talks and the Animux one) are open to all passes.

Theeth’s talk requires a full conference pass.

I will be there, too!
Working as a student volunteer, which means I will have access to everything, but I also have to work 18 hours during the week.

Looking forward, hoping to meet all of you there!


I still could use a roommate.I also need to find a way to buy a point and shoot camera.

Sorry womball,

I already booked a place to stay, I will stay in a hostel, so I can’t help you out with that.

Another thing: Should we maybe have a little Blender user meeting (or rather Blender user/developer/fan meeting) in New Orleans and go out together for a beer or two (or for an orange juice or whatever your personal preference is)?

I would be very interested in doing this, to meet other blenderheads.

What does everybody else think?

And if yes, when would be best for you guys? For me Tuesday night would be pretty good, since I have no shift at all on Wednesday.

Looking forward to meeting you guys!


P.S.: womball, what do you mean by point and shoot camera and how can we help?

A point and shoot camera, is a typical camera that doesn’t have replaceable lens and you can’t easily manually operate it. By manual I mean, changing the zoom, by a ring, shutter speed, and f stops. A P&S are pocket sized and pretty much do everythign on auto. They do have some manual settings. Also they scare people less than a SLR would. You would probably crap your pants if someone came running at you with a SLR with 8 inch lens, rather than a tiny camera.

Maybe on Tuesday, I will have to see about the parties. There is a cgtalk one on SUnday I’m going to. I hope to drink most of the days! Spiked orange juice! And whatever new oahleens specials they have. There is a meeting on Monday with the Blender foundations, and I believe Ton is there.

Is anyone filming any of the stuff or doing a live feed? Apologies if this got asked already.

Good question…I am curious(read wanting… fan boy issues here)as well.

As far as I know it’s not allowed to bring any cameras inside… So, I guess not.

@womball: So what is this Blender Foundation meeting about? Is it just for developers? Or can anyone come? Do you have any more information? Where and when is it?

Thank you,


Unless you have Media pass, so heres hoping to Tim [Formica] being there again this year under BN flag. :slight_smile:

I guess its the usual BF Birds of a Feather community meet up. :slight_smile:

Do they check you for hidden cameras?

I’m confident we’ll get some sort of debrief afterwards, it would just be nice to watch some of it.

Watching / reading the new tech stuff makes me feel all smart and such. :slight_smile: Particularly when I actually latch on to how useful something is about to be…