Siggraph 2015 - Who is going?

(jasonschleifer) #1

Hello Folks!

As a newer Blender user and long time animator/rigger, I’m very excited to get an opportunity to meet those of you from the Blender community who will be coming to Siggraph this year.

I plan on coming to the Birds of a Feather on Sunday, and there are a number of great looking courses / events throughout the week that should be a lot of fun, including a Birds of Feather on wednesday focusing on cloud collaboration that promises to be interesting.

Just curious who else is going, and if anyone’s interested in meeting up to chat about learning blender & swap some notes!

Jason Schleifer

(hype) #2

Hey Jason,

I’ll be there, for sure. Working the booth again, as well as at the Birds of a Feather.

Are you here in LA? You should definitely check out our LA Users Group meetings. We just had one a couple weeks ago, so the next meetup will probably be right around Siggraph time. Most of the core group will probably be there at the BoF, too.


(davida) #3

Hey Jason! It’s David from Theory Animation. You’ll be coming to our session you mentioned on Wednesday :slight_smile:

Glad to see you in here. There’s quite a vibrant LA Blender group that meets up every 2 months. I’ll see if I can get them in this thread too.

(hype) #4

David, are you coming in for Siggraph?

(davida) #5

I wouldn’t miss it man :D! (You should come to our session on Wednesday afternoon too :wink:

(hype) #6

I’ll absolutely make it!


Unfortunately I can’t

(jasonschleifer) #8

Hi sean!

ill be sure to stop by the booth and say hi!

im not located down in la, so unfortunately I can’t make the user group meetings… But I saw that you had a meeting! :). Is there a Northern California chapter?

(Jamez) #9

@Jason. Nice to see you here. I was a big fan of your rigging tutes back when I used Maya :slight_smile:

Out of interest, what has compelled you to learn Blender?

(jasonschleifer) #10

Thanks @jamez! Glad you liked the tutorials and found them useful! :slight_smile:

since you asked, im interested in blender as part of our (nimble collective’s) mission to help people get their content out there - not sure if you saw our press release earlier this year, but a few of us left dreamworks to start up a cloud based animation pipeline - working to enable creators to spend more time creating and less time dealing with all the other cruft that comes along with making animated content (file structure, cost, collaboration, distribution, etc).

Essentially we want artists to spend their time doing what they love - creating great art!

Blender is interesting because it has so many capabilities! Story boarding, modeling, rigging, animating, editing… But it hasn’t really broken into the professional market yet in the states. I want to learn it and really understand where it shines and where it needs more work.

I also love the passion of this community… even when the debates are heated - it’s tom a place of love… Love for the tool, for the art, for the craft… It’s fantastic!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at siggraph and learning more! :slight_smile:


(hype) #11

Great, it’ll be great to meet in person! Hmm, not sure if there’s a Northern CA chapter. If not, could be your chance to start one. :wink:

(JTA) #12

Oh, ya. I’ll be at SG 2015. I’ve got a busy work schedule this year but I should be able to squeeze in a day or two.

We have a group up in NorCal. It casually gets together. Some of them also show up on the interactive webcasts we organize as part of the SoCal groups. Just PM me and we will work on getting you connected.

I have been threatening to get up to SF and organize a meeting sometime soon so maybe you can help with that. Let’s talk at the booth.


BTW, here’s the most recent page of our LA group’s thread where you can find announcements and webcast info:

(jasonschleifer) #13

Awesome! Let’s chat when you want to organize something up here… In sure we can help make that happen!


(Chad Gleason) #14

Jason… Schleifer…? Excuse me for a moment while I let out a loud fangirl squeal.

JASON F***ING SCHLEIFER IS HERE?? :slight_smile:

Ahem. Excuse me. Sorry, I’ve just been admiring your work for years. It’s nice to see you around these parts. Welcome!

(Jamez) #15

Thanks for the detailed reply Jason. It is always cool to see experienced artists of your calibre using Blender! Yes, I had heard of Nimble Collective, I think from somewhere on CGtalk…I will go and check out your website and have a read.

Yes, the Blender online community is certainly a unique thing, much like Blender and its’ development model. To be sure, there is never a dull day in Blender land :slight_smile:

(jasonschleifer) #16

Hahaha :slight_smile:

Thanks Chad! I really appreciate the warm welcome, and am looking forward to becoming a part of this community! :slight_smile:


(jasonschleifer) #17

Cheers Jamez!

I’ve noticed the lack of dull days as well. :slight_smile:


(freen) #18

I’ll be there with (most of) the Gooseberry crew.
This’ll be my first Siggraph. Looking forward to it!

(daren) #19

I heard through the grapevine that tickets were available as part of the Blender community – does anyone know where that link is?

(hype) #20

Beorn, glad you’re coming!

daren -