Siggraph examples of advanced motion blur

Sadly, I saw this AFTER taking the Developer’s survey XD

we need this NOW to make professional things
without this, Blender is a poor, unusable software

IMHO what we really need before the stuff snown in the video is basic stochastic 3d motion blur and depth of field. The cartoon-like fancy motionblur trails in this video represents a small minority of usage cases, whereas 3d motion blur and dof is used in every production, (a few exceptions done in post/comp where possible though).

But still cool stuff :slight_smile:

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Quite amusing your post.

But those folks at sigraft are quite smart I think.

I don’t like it at all, quite ugly effect, I preffer the common motion blur, it’s much more realistic, maybe that motion blur works in some cases, but in the common works not.

Ok, i found the ignore list option in my user profile and added Endi to it. I can’t stand his “funny” comments anymore.


thanks for the tip sk2k

It’s not meant to be realistic, it’s meant to look like what they used to do in old cartoons. I think they were quite successful in achieving that look.


You are life-saver. All these years and I never thought to look in the control panel for that ignore list. I added “endi” to it, came back to this thread, refreshed my browser… and he was gone! It was like a breath of fresh air. Thanks again.