Siggraph - Face Modeling

Andy Goralczyk has shown, but not explained :), a great demo about face modeling. My question is for someone who has seen the video.
What kind of technique has he used?
When I create a mesh I do not get this type of surface, what is it?


He is working with a subsurf modifier applied to the mesh.

Is the video available online?

Yes, here:

Thanks Calvin. I’ll have to bookmark this for next month as I’ve just about blown this month’s download limit after messing with Google Earth! :slight_smile:

Thanks LarryPhillips, I have never used the subsurf with the option to apply it during edit mode. That is why I have not recognized it.
Good tutorial, but the quality of the video.

In time ~7minutes, he shows something that looks like eye snapping to eyesocket, is it that and how do you do it?

I’d say he just got into translation mode accidantly - maybe through the gesture, it happens to me some times - and then hits ESC so the eyeball pops back to its original position. I don’t think there is anything like this kind of snapping in Blender but I’d be happy to be corrected :).


The snapping tool is a pending task in Blender. Actually, you can find through menus: selection to cursor, cursor to selection… but is not a real time or interactive functionality.
Is it too hard to program a snapping tool?
I used Maya 2 years ago and this tool was great. Many times you need to snap to a point, a line or a surface and with Blender it is difficult or impossible.