siggraph raytracing using quantum mechanics.

kinda fun in some ways, raytracing using quantum mechanics.
We’ve not even figured out what reality and QM is, but we allready starting to do CGI with it

if this in about a year of 10 or so becomes the new GPU’s then we have likely instant rendering near real time high quality.
Ofcourse thats the promise, and these days the chips are not ready to do this, but its a start.

notice references to montecarlo … where did i hear that before :wink:

Haha the tone of the video is brilliant. Haven’t watched it all, but it’s fascinating. I mean you’re right, we only have approximations of the actual laws of physics that rule the universe, but we still use them to send probes into space, so as long as it works… do we need to know why ? :smiley:

Very interesting!
Actually for the fist time i understand a little bit what Quantum computing actually is (and why it is awesome).
If you are familiar with render math, but never understood QC, this video is for you.
Watched it twice, and i guess i would need another ten views to comprehend 20% of what is going on in there, but it gave me an idea of things to come.