SIGGRAPH | Studio 2008 - Photo Gallery

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Hey fellas,

I am reporting from SIGGRAPH this year and will feed you with images of
what is happening.

EDIT: I will sort the images by days:

Day One

My first day at the Studio is done.
Basic PC rigs are set but without software.
We have alot fo stuff coming in like STl printer,
digitizer and other nice toys.

But it is all still mainly boxed.

The day is done and we go to the first after hour party, yay.

Day Two Well not much different - everybody is busy setting up the spaces.

Day Three

Motion Capture - Softimage - and other cool stuff …
I will upload images later because I forgot the camera cable at my hotel.
Any body needs some cool poses and animations? I could get you the motion capturing data !!!

Day Four

The big opening everything starts now. Saw BASSAM at the HP stand some time ago.

Plan for today - Scan in my head, retopo in Blender, print or mill out and than lets see what else we can do …

hey thanks for the photos. Looks great.

Thanks! I’ve added your feed to Google Reader. Could you please add some more comments to the photos?

/ Mats

Dude! SIGGRAPH! Cool!

Ok I can add comments sure.

Crap jet lag s$$ks. I had 3 hours of sleep in 50 hours.

Ok another day now … where I Denis - I need some food :wink:

Doh. I want to go to SIGGRAPH so bad. I’ve lived in San Diego
for the past 2 years now and have not been able to go yet. It’s pretty expensive
to go to. Any chance you might want to hand out a SIGGRAPH 2008 scholarship
to a dedicated Blender user?

Student VOLUNTEER is the easy way to get in.

Next year will be dont in the South.

Thanks a lot - I have a feeling that I will be visiting your site quite a lot!

Down south as in San Diego down south? Count me in.

Maybe by then I will be strong enough (Blender-wise) to make something
great and visually appealing to help promote Blender.

Don’t let them catch you. If you don’t have a media pass, photography is not allowed.

claas is breakin the law! XD


thanks for the pics though

It will be in New Orleans.

Pass, huh I have few and also a MEDIA pass :wink:

Do I break the law? Actually I was approached by one person and after saying what I do just said “cool”.

Maybe better ask … I am not showing other peoples work just the booths.

Anyway here some other more images: Now also Lucas Arts.

Where is the Blender area???

Blender will be at the HP booth.

BTW: there are problems with the links in your first post . . . I believe Day One is supposed to link to Saturday, and the Day Two Sunday link has the URL repeated.

thanks a lot for this effort Claas… this is especially exciting for those of us who wouldn’t be able to attend…
keep shooting :slight_smile:

The URLs are fixed !!!

THX for the booth tip - I will jump by today.
Most of SIGGRAPH isnt open yet.

Dyf, no problem, it is very dark here so I cannot make many good images.

But I hop to get more the days I am here.

I made some great stop-motion motion tracking images (BURST mode).
I will bring it into the sequencer and write the movie out!

I have to jump into the spandex (or how ever that is called) and motion track myself one time


what you could do is take an image of yourself in the spandex and then submit it to Bart for a header! :yes:

that is do-able :wink:

We also have laser scanners here - sadly not full body …

Nah, what he should do is get into some spandex and send me a picture:eyebrowlift2:

Well the HP booth is still in progress and I think the Blender heads will arrive tomorrow
for the complete show opening.