(Goofster) #1

just wondering, is anyone going to siggraph this year? i’m actually thinking of it…


(slikdigit) #2

I’m going (I hope). I always say “maybe next year” each time. This time I think I’m actually gonna go.

(stephen2002) #3

your poll is kinda black and white. I don’t feel strongly about the polls at all. If it is interesting, I answer, if not, I ignor.

(Sprite) #4


Is this about Siggraph or about Elysiun’s polls?

(Goofster) #5

sorry if the poll confuses you, just put it in as a joke. i was just wondering who’s going to siggraph

(iii) #6

I’ll be there!

(CurtisS) #7

I am thinking about going this year. But on the other hand, San Antonio get really hot in the summer!

Ciao for now!

Curtis S