after watching that tutorial i have the images loaded but i cant get them to align
its so confusing, ihave everything setup even the reference images,

but i cant get the front and side veiw aligned to the top veiw image ,

can someone make a tutotrial and actually start modelling abit of the cars so i could see what they didand how it is done?:eek:
this what iget

You need to rotate the top image 90 degrees counter clockwise.

That tutorial has a completely incorrect setup.

chee thanks dude it works now ,i wonder why other dudes make wrong tutorials :no:

His tutorial is right, you mixed side and front view.

no dude i didnt mix up anything those images are all in the right veiws
,the top image is in the top veiw ,the front image is in the front veiw and the side image in the side veiw ,in the end t hey didnt match up
try it your self and post ascreenshot:spin:

this is the image from the tutorial

and you can see and tell by the axis lines i have done the same setup in my first post

BUT i really need to know is the setupp in the tutorial wrong? if so than i shouldnt be here trying to figure out what did i mess up that the images arnt aligning

Look again. The tutorial is right.


Yes dude you are right its me whos wrong
now i see it,:o um is madcow also wrong too?

Well, there’s a bit of confusion, so it looks like I should have been more specific. His setup is incorrect in the sense that his front image isn’t loaded in front view like it should be, it is actually loaded in side view. Open up blender and look at the mini axis. It’s incorrect and more importantly, it’s confusing for people who are new at this. This is how the setup should look: