Sigil Of water (now with sigil Of Death and Light)

:evilgrin:hey guys…with my blender pretty much down for a few days i may aswell get on photoshop and start playing around, his is what i came up with, hope you like it

warning: big image!

:eek:that´s pretty cool.

did u follow a tut?

nope, no tut…all freehand. all i can say is i have been using photoshop since i was like 5…

any requests? i have sigil of fire, life, light and death, and i can make some more, what would you like to see

Sigil Of Death, here it is! :evilgrin:

Wow, :eek:. There’s definately work for you in the graphics design industry.

Thanks hundred :smiley: glad you like

the Sigil Of Lightis my favriote though

i am dangerously close to finishing this already…i dont suppose there is a place in the finished projects forum for 2d art like this is there?

Why not wait and use blender to make a scene that uses this as a texture.

Dude, the first one:

First second: Save point from Silent Hill?
Second second: Where’s the reflected face? It’s not red.

Then Is tarted noticing the actual craft of it.

Definatly cool; like the first one best but then water really is my thing. (Though I’ve had people tell me I’m light, too, so go fig. Aquarius being an air symbol makes my head hurt :P.)

Have you studied sigilcraft or are you just pulling it all out of your head?


it is all torn out of my mind

all from my head :slight_smile:

and jeepster, thanks!

Wow, excellent work! Got any more? You could do a Sigil of Fire, that would be cool.

sigil of fire, coming right up!

Thanks! Thats amazing! Do you have any method that you go about? Would you consider making a tutorial?

How about Sigil of Time? Hopefully with the pattern on the front of this watch, and the colors and other design elements derived from the time vortex (90% of that video)?