Sign a petition...50 shades of abuse...

URGENT. Please sign this petition. This movie should not have ever been made. Same with the book. They still need 20,000 signatures before Valentine’s day. Please pass this on to anyone you know.

Hmm, sending a request to sign a petition against freedom of art on a CGI website, not cool bro, not cool.

As much as I despise the 50 shades franchise, I think it’s been shown before that online petitions are one of the least effective ways to advocate something. Unfortunately, I doubt that it’s going to keep the movie from opening in theaters on Valentine’s day.

Also, I have a strong belief that the world of art and games in general needs to have a few shackles placed on it (one of the recent indie games for instance is designed to be a genocide simulator).

Well its actually in the off topic part of the forum…

Thanks for the support! yes I agree I think things like this will just make the world a very bad place…

My sarcasm detector seems to be off. I can’t tell wether the critic is being sarcastic or not.

Well, if it’s off topic, then i disagree because BEWWWWBS !

The problem with movies like that is that it demeans women by giving the message that they are little more than sex toys rather than human beings.

A lot of artists today see women as a way to give an image sex appeal, in turn believing in their use as objects and as such being viewed as a lower form of life than men.

This shouldn’t be a problem to those that idolize a tortured bear man nailed on a wooden cross. To those who terrorize & destroy all which is different or strange. Yes, who promote divisions, classes, death, hatred & violence… show some tolerance & understanding.
Acting blind, mute & def only helps you continue living a lie.

Congratulations for trying to start a heated religious debate, this thread will now be locked in 3…2…1…

OK, now, tell me why as soon as i click i get a message which says that i signed. What? I sign even before reading a description of the petition? THIS is abuse.

What exactly is the controversy of this movie? Please don’t tell me it revolves around consenting adults… If it’s more than that I would love to know, as all I keep reading about is bondage and S and M between consenting adults.

BShep, why would you even care if they show this in theaters? The only people who are going to see the movie are the ones who want to watch it… no one is being forced to view this thing. The best thing you can do is vote with your dollar and move on. By posting about the movie you are basically advertising for them. Someone will see this thread who has not heard of the movie before but finds the aspects of it intriguing enough that they will now buy a ticket.

is there a petition against the petition?

Guys, I hate to break it to 'ya, but …” :cool::cool:

A petition against art at an art forum is uncool. A petition that counts every wrong click as a vote is plain nasty.

Beware, a click at the link leads to that you have voted the petition.

Wake me when there’s a petition to close down that website, ‘’. I’d sign that petition in a heartbeat… Only kidding, to each their own right? It’s just too bad that same sentiment of ‘live and let live’ is not shared towards the filmmakers of that movie.

Bear man! Really? :wink:
This is just an entertainment. No one got harmed. But then again you never know what will it bring. Batman, Interview?!

Here is my sign for the petition against the petition.