Sign Language (V)

Hi there!

Apparently, I found another purpose of my conceptual robot - to show the letters of the sign language. It is the language that deaf people and other people with disabilities use. It is used in some other cases.

A short video is published at Youtube here.

Animation is fully controlled by a Python script(s).

I am to complete the other signs… May be combine them in words and at the third stage - interpreting a text from a text file… together with a “projection” on the wall :wink:

Originally, I constructed the robot to learn about human movements and its dependencies. It is a nice exercise now, I think… :spin:

C & C welcome.


This is a great idea… and can make a pretty nice way into the practical use.
I think (but this is just about my personal taste) that you could make your robot a little more attractiv.

Thanks, because I didn’t know what sign language was… Looks sort of amateur.

Thanks, almux. The idea of that robot is to give me the picture of axes of bones so that ALL its parts are so tiny. And I know it is not like a real human nor a any other robot but its proportions are of a human… which is the important thing to me. Once the armature is nicely controlled, it is transferable to another, more appropriate cover :wink: But I have a long way to this point. Depending on my inspiration too, heh :stuck_out_tongue:

@ rvngizswt - since the times of Leonardo da Vinci, noone has а complete knowledge about everything… :spin:


UPDATE: Here is the robot saying you ‘Hello’…

And a snapshot:


Also think about mimics. When signing, the facial expressions are VERY important too.
He! He! Even more work to make along!.. :wink:

You are damn right, almux! But so far I dont plan the facial mimics. I dont have bone in place for that too. And 18 bones for the arm+hand+fingers of 1 hand make it real hard even it is so simple. :wink:

I know there must be some body shake + the shoulders… Just let me finish with all letters (signs). Plus Im planning to use the other hand and make him does his job more naturally, i.e. w/o getting the arm down each time after N-th sign and before (N+1) sign. Some combination of moves must be applied for that and I need to trick this all right…I only added a little wave with arm at end (down position)… May be some work with hips/legs would also help… Hope to achieve this, heh. :spin:

Facial mimics will contribute to a better impression… may be some shapes at phase IV?!


I’m far from depreciating your work, Abidos. It’s really a gret idea and your commitement is quite nice to give, yet, another perspective to what can be pratically done with Blender.
Of course, you’ve entered a process wich will ask you a lot of improvements… and can only encourage you to remain patient on this way.
It looks like something good will pour out of it.

Thanks for encouragement! I really need this from time to time :spin:

Is topped for a moment to see what may be the best (or better) approach to generalization of action(s). I.e. not making each sign separately plus how to get them combined a little plus making a nice ground for syncronization with an unknown text that is to be read first…

Hope to advance soon with implementation of some of above :yes:


And - YES - I know the hand is a bit tiny…That’s for “historical” reasons - when I constructed the conceptual model I didnt make them quite proportional on width cause the original purpose of the robot was to investigate walking moves/cycle and related moves… :stuck_out_tongue:

May be I try to replace the whole robot with only 2 nice-modeled white hands on dark background… like a theather, heh - just an idea :wink:

Hi there, almux!

Would you like to comment the new robot I am developing which will potentially replace the old one… Take a look here


Hello Adibos,
Just took a look and left few words on your linked post.
The ideal would be to have a deaf person among your friends (not that i would wish anybody to be deaf!), in order to directly be able to work with you and guide you from scratch.
There are some very important details that can’t be overlooked in this matter.

Yes, OK… but at me this is not the case soooo I was willing to get help through the forum or otherwise to realise if signs are understandable… Let me finish with the other signs plus “teach” him read (text files).

But it will be only for letters plus digits 0-9, not words transferred by signs. The latter would be trully complicated.