sign my guestbook!

(shibbydude) #1

Be the first to sign my guestbook! Get a prize… I mean sign my guestbook… No one has signed it yet. I need some sigs!!!

(Ecks) #2

I am the first!! yipee!!! What is the prize!!! (go see what I writed)

(shibbydude) #3

Man, thanks. I got some good entries very quickly! Thanks guys! The ummm… prize… is umm… mmmm… a new computer! I will sneak into your house sometime tonight without you knowing it and take your old computer, copy the HD, and replace your crappy old computer with a crappy new computer that is exactly the same! You’ll never know the difference. A hassle-free move! Of course I am just joking :slight_smile: (or am I?..) Anyway, thanks guys. I appreciate it and anyone else reading this please sign the guestbook too! If you want to see all of the site it is