Ok I’m just going to ask I have to say what the hell are our sig’s for? We can’t add anim gif’s to it just smilies and text. I barely notice anyone elses so what the hell are they there for. What is it a prank by the moderators? Like hey look what that guy said in his signature too bad he couldn’t make it more visual hahahahaha. (JK Mod’s no offense just asking questions) I mean really what were supposed to put Sincerely Vincimus it’s a forum not a book club. Now I truly think since we can’t post our own signatures on every post we should post them here! Upload a pic of your own signature try not to make it inappropriate (you know what i’m talking about). No racist,pervy,gay, or horny posts please. Just post your favorite signature. No more than 1 if you listen to rules please.

don’t have one, and don’t see the point of allowing it, otherwise 90% of the people here will have blender userbar’s in their sig’s…

you know, something like this:
or this:

witch, btw, would start affecting those people here who still use a dial up, and from what i know there are such people! :wink:

No I never said not allowing them was bad I just wanted to see what most people would put as their signatures. Come on felix make a sig and post.

hmm… how bout this:


hey actually I like! wait till you see mine

I hate it when you go to a forum and there’s all these big clunky awful space consuming pictures in peoples signatures.

Personally, I just use my signature as a place to get interested people to have a look at my website. I often click on links in other peoples signatures as well if it interests me.


I couldn’t care less about there not being pictures etc. allowed in the signatures. I just hate it when people sign their posts. You could use the signature for that which would save you having to write it every single god damn post and would make me a bit less annoyed everytime I read these forums.


I’d post what I’d put in my signature if we were allowed… but I can’t be bothered uploading it. Maybe later.

I hate it when you go to a forum and there’s all these big clunky awful space consuming pictures in peoples signatures.

Couldn’t agree more. Its very annoying going to forums which have uses who’ve put huge pics in their sig. It just takes up pointless space and you have to look at the same pic over and over again.

I like the sigs how they are, you can just put a few links in and maybe a quote or two. It gives the other uses something interesting to look at and there small enough that it doesn’t take anything away from the flow of the threads.

Simple text sigs ftw. Image sigs piss me off.

I wouldn’t mind image sigs if they weren’t huge and they were all Dragon pictures:D

I used to use my sig to announce the belief I am a Dragon, but my father forced me to remove it:rolleyes:

Ugh. Picture sigs are TERRIBLE.

I use my sig to show off my weirdness.


(Space filler to make enough chars)

Yes, he says he has the right to control what I put in my account here as long as I’m in his house. It won’t be that way the moment I move out though.

I am not a fan of any sigs, and have them turned off. I quite like my sig at the moment though.

Images in signatures aren’t allowed because they eat bandwidth and are bloody hideous. Go to some forum that allows them and you’ll immediately notice how cluttered the page looks. They end up looking like a toy box exploded all over them.

So just put a funny quote in your signature!

The first time I went to a forum that had them enabled, I thought they were advertisements, until I saw that the images had the user’s name on them. Then I thought: Wow, what a waste of time and space (pun not originally intended, but I love it anyways).

I’m still in between minds about my quote - expect it soon

wow well this thread was the exact opposite meaning of what iwanted. Whatsever.

I put this thread into the vending machine.

well ,the internet i have isn’t slow , but i still stick to disable the images in the sigs , they don’t teach us somehting new , and they makes the navigating harder & slower .