Signed in ... or not

Strange things have happened while I was posting or replying to threads on this site. :confused:

Upon trying to submit, (:smiley: don’t you just love that word?), and after carefully crafting and typing my prose I am informed that I do not have the authorization to do what I am doing and I should sign in. A couple of times I scrolled up to the top of the page and up in the little blue box on the right hand side of the screen it says “Welcome j1adobe. Your last visit, etc.” sometimes when I try to sign in I guess I do it wrong and lose everything I have been working on. :eek:

How come the top of the page knows who I am :smiley: , but the bottom doesn’t? :frowning:


when signing in, you should remember to select the box “Remember me” as well…in that way you are never signed out until you clean out your cookies in your browser.
I have never problem with this since I do it.


Thanks, I’ll remember that!