Signet ring

This is something different than I usually do.
It’s a movie prop, signet ring made in Blender 2.76 and Cycles, some postpro in Photoshop.



Was that a bump map you used for the ring? oO

Hi *SammyWest - no, I didn’t use bump map here. Everything is mesh.

five starts for me, I like how you achieve a great result with a single object adding a lot of complexity in its microdetails!

A great model with several interesting details. I like it.

Thanks a lot *joseperez :slight_smile:

Thank you *Ralmon Meril :slight_smile:

And another one…
I think I could still work a little on the model, but the deadline is a deadline. So, we’ll see now how the project will look like in reality.


These are crazy!! Really good work done here, I kinda like the second one also. Keep up the good work!


:slight_smile: thanks Arthenos.
I, personally like the second one more :slight_smile: But ultimately it’s not for me, so my taste here is irrelevant :slight_smile: But client said that he will try to make both designs in reality, so we’ll see what comes out :slight_smile:

And another one of this collection.
Two of them where actually made in real life by jeweler and occurred in polish feature film directed by Konrad Niewolski.
When I will have some spare time I will take some pictures of those rings and publish here :slight_smile:
For now just those visualizations.
cheers, paulina.


jest piękne it’s beautiful,