Significance of draw creases in subsurf

Hi folks, I’m curious as to what the redeeming value is to the DRAW CREASES switch while working with subsurfs. What am I missing here? Thanks.

If you use Shift-E to make a crease in subsurface, then pressing that button will show what edges have been creased.

You can select a edge(s) and make a crease on your subsurfed model with shift-e. The “show creases” button displays which edges you have changed from the default value.


Thanks. Now, while working on this tutorial here (which was where the subsurf thing came up):

I’ve run across a problem I can’t understand. I’m trying out the “Make ‘real’ circles for the pips” option and I keep getting a different effect on the “to sphere” function. I’m following the instructions as listed, but so far I’ve wound up with this:

and I’m at a loss as to why they are all going in different directions, or none at all. Any thoughts? Thanks.