signlanguage hand

This project is a simple use of the Blender GE to create a self teaching hand sign-language tool.
It is simply a ‘type & see’ sort of thing where the hand will sign the letters typed by the user, Kind of a “write it, see it, say it” sort of a learning tool.

(mostly its for me to learn the new Blender interface and tools but its a nice little project and I want to learn to read some sign language too.)
So far I have the hand rigged and sort of made, (hopefully it doesn’t look to retarded)
If you know of some studies, tutorials (especially on logic, linking short animations to key events, etc.) to point me in the right directions from here I would appreciate it.

Also, anybody with crits, comments, and suggestions please feel free as well.
I don’t promise to follow any of them, but I do promise to study and consider all of them that I can.

Here are renders of the hand
I’m having some problems uploading to this site so will have to do

I’ll try to get the .blend uploaded but it keeps denying it so I can’t put that here apparently.

Interesting idea for a BGE game / learning tool. The hand looks really great, but the nails are a bit too long, for me. Heh - it’s just an artistic decision, but it looks kind of… off, since the hand appears to be masculine. Also, it lacks some detail in the palm-side of the hand. Still, it’s good looking.