Silent City (Game) Searching For People Who Want To Contribute To This Project!

Me, (RandomPickle97) and my Friend (supertoilet12) are making a game called Silent City, and are searching for recruits to help with it. The map is pretty big, and if you can, we’d like help with buildings and other objects. First, send me an e-mail, my address is:
[email protected] If you want to help, I’ll be checking it constantly. I’m not sure if you are able to send files through e-mails, but if so, you can send over models or something. Be sure to give your name, so we can credit you properly, unless you want to be called by your BlenderArtists name. The game is sorta like Silent Hill, so…yeah. E-mail me with the job you would like to do, and I’ll send back and confirm it. Here is a list of jobs that are available:

-Creating Objects (Lamp Posts, Stop signs, Cars(not too detailed), etc…
-If you choose zombie, if you can, make a sensor that makes them follow you are near them, that’d be great!
-Water(pretty important)
-Creating A Police Station(with cells and rooms with texture walls.)
(When you create things, make sure they’re textured, not solid color)
-Fog Effect

THANKS! :yes:

Ps: visit my site and download my games, or something.