Silent Hill 4

It’s been a very long while since I started a topic so:

Check out: looks even more twisted than the others, what do you think?
I love how they setup such a creepy mood in all of the games.
I’m wondering if anyone else here is a fan of the Silent Hill Series?

Hi Lagan,

I’m also a big fan of the Silent Hill serious. I remember the first one I played on PlayStation 1. I plugged it into a big tv and turned out all the lights…BIG MISTAKE!!!

That’s when I new the game was good, as it was the first game to give me a nightmare. These games are so realistic, they’re almost too disturbing to play…know what I mean?

I used to be something of a horror writer and I found the first Silent Hill very inspiring. Even now, when I look back on those old chapters that I wrote, they have a strange Silent Hill flavour to them…yummy.

The problem with books and films of course, is that usually the antagonist survives. This provides a sense of security which you wouldn’t really have in real-life. In computer games, however, you CAN actually die and your survival depends on you. You can’t just sit back and know everything is gonna be okay. Scary stuff!!

Story, dialogue, freaky monsters, and a creepy atmosphere have always been it’s strong points through the series.
With Silent Hill 4 and Resident Evil 4, bring on the horror! :Z

I like the fmv in the Silent Hill games - that fmv looks pretty good. Those twin girls in one of them were very creepy (I don’t know if they were meant to be, though). Is Resident Evil the one where all the doors open slowly and creak and you go upstairs slow too? I hated that. The games were pretty good in general, though. I liked Resident Evil 3 Nemesis.

I think I lost some of the scariness by not having surround sound and playing it in the dark. I’ll need to try that. I think the scariest moment in all of the games was the bit where you walk down a corridor with windows to your right and all you hear are your footsteps. Then suddenly a whole bunch of crows smash through the glass.

Finally! I’m not the only one… Of course not that I really thought I was the only one to know Silent Hill, my absolute favorite game of all time, but I never hear others much about it. It doesn’t seem to really be all that well known in the PC world either (which is not entirely surprising, althought SH2 &3 have PC versions) looking around on other forums and the comments lately on DoomIII as being the scariest game ever, no one ever seems to mention SH. And if they do, it is quickly dismissed (mostly by those who didn’t play it of course) as a RE clone, which has nothing to do with it. The only time I saw a reference to SH here was that Blender game ‘Hellstation’, which was partly inspired by it.
SH is my alltime favorite, I’ll never forget when playing SH1 and how it made me feel, it was the first game which managed to really draw me in, after having played it, the after effect felt almost like a sort of weird depression…
In fact, if you didn’t know already (I have posted this several times before), SH1 was the reason I got involved with Blender in the first place, the first picture I ever created myself was inspired by Silent Hill, it is the first picture in my old gallery (nowhere).
And of course the ‘cage’ could have been a scene from SH3 (or the others, but looks more SH3 to me). Sadly, those pictures I created almost three years ago now, I have practically never done anything ever since with Blender (other than programming that is).
Also, back to SH itself, part of the atmosphere it manages to create is also very much thanks to the audio magic of Akira Yamaoka. I really admire him very much, it never ceases to amaze me how much the music/sounds seem to fit like a glove with the visuals.
I didn’t look at the SH4 previews up to know (but it’s very hard), I want to be fully unprepared when I finally get the game, wait until nighttime, switch off the lights and dissapear once again into the ‘otherworld’… I can hardly wait…
Nice to know I’m not the only one, although I might be a bit more of a fanatic maybe… :wink:
(Lots of words again, sorry for that…)

Good to know your such a fanatic about Silent Hill eeshlo.
I can hardly wait for SH4 too, about you being more of a fanatic…I don’t know about that. :stuck_out_tongue: