Silent Hill Poster Contest (Non-US)

Just in case you all don’t know, Sony are running a poster contest for the movie “Silent Hill”.

Just like the Resident Evil one, it’s not open to anyone outside the US. :expressionless: Contest Rules & Assets

Since I can’t take part, I figured “Why not create one anyway?”

So here’s my 1st attempt. Why not have a go just for fun. At least we can create full-size renders instead of the size the “contest rules” dictate :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe if enough people do some posters, we can have a vote for our own NON-US favourites?

Anyway, here’s mine:

To bad that this contest can´t be in Europe to. I no fan of the game/movie but I would give it a try but I wont because someone might take my idea and win. 8) I´m that good you know :smiley:

I would remove the guy. He´s really annoying when looking at the poster.

Well, be damned. I’m not old enough or I would enter it for you. The 25 moviue passes wouldn’t do you any good, but I would certainly send the money your way.


Hmm, I like it but it feels too bright for Silent Hill. Maybe it just needs more contrast to dark colors.