Silent Hill

I have started working on a movie trailer project with some people.The project is a movie trailer for an original storyline for Silent Hill. The trailer requires a huge ammount of complex animation to be composited.

I am working with the director (also the writer, actor and person in charge of costumes & sets) and another animator.

I am in charge of the following:

  • Siam (monster from the silent hill video games)
  • Cliff Drop Off (if you’ve seen the Silent Hill movie, you probably know what this is)
  • Texturing and animating the destruction of a Honda Accord Wagon (Model being done by the other animator)
  • Zombie Dog)
  • Fog (all exterior shots in Silent Hill will require a lot of digital fog. I’m going to play with Maya fluid effects when I am scheduled to start work on the fog)
  • Compositing & Matchmoving

We just started working 3 weeks ago in our spare time. Thus far I have Siam nearly finished. I have attached concept art for the version of Siam from the video games. The director wanted to go in a little bit of a different direction with him. He wanted the arms to be coming from his forhead, but not have a woman on his back. I am having trouble deciding what to do about his boots though. Any comments, critiques or suggestions are more than welcome!


Re-did the boots. Looks a lot better now.
On to rigging.


Some sweet modeling you got going there.

I think the arms should be more muscular, and there should be more gore and the material should be more human-like. Other than that, nice job!

Thanks =)

I agree with you crits. I bulked up the arms a little bit, made the shirt a little more bloody + dirty and I added some blood to the legs. If you have any ideas on how to make the material more human-like, let me know. I changed the texture on the shorts to leather too.


I think you should add a slight texture such as clouds to add small pores to the skin and/or not(depends on your computer power) a bit of sss, or at least fake it. Also I realized that his shorts are a bit too er short, the straps around his arms go past the elbows, and the straps on the top of his head are supposed to cross over each other. A fuller chest and great,bulging muscles(think Barry Bonds when he was taking steroids) and I think Siam is done for the day!

Actually, there is a color and bump map for the pores already and SSS is on, it’s just a little subtle. It’s hard to tell that those are present from the distance of the previous renders I’ve attached a closer one (don’t worry about the strap coming off his back. He is only seen from a nearly straight on angle).

The director wanted the shorts a little shorter on the model than in the concept art. He wanted to show off more of the leg muscle deformation in the shot.


Ah okay! Then it’s all good!

Small update. The rigging and skinning of Siam is just about complete, just have to make some shape keys to fix some of the deformations.

I got a start on modeling the cliff fall off I mentioned in the first post. I threw on some place holder textures and did a fast composite to show the director. C&C more than welcome!

Where I’m planning to go with the cliff:

-Replace all the textures
-Actually try to match the lighting with the scene
-Add cracks to the broken edge
-Add debris & particles around the cracked edge


-Sculpted in the cracks.
-Added in some small debris particles on the surface of the road.
-Changed the dirt texture on the clifff face.
-Better lighting

I am thinking of putting bigger chunks of road for debris by the edge. I am not super happy with the way the smaller particles I put in there look. Perhaps I’ve just been staring at it for too long.

Any input/ C & C would be helpful!


Some more progress.

-Sculpted the cliff face some more
-Added a boulder into the dirt
-Changed the number of particles on surface of road

I got a start on the Honda accord wagon. It is proving quite difficult because I don’t have a top view and the reference photos I took don’t line up very well. I haven’t been able to find any kind of blueprints for a 1994 honda accord wagon, so I had to take my own reference photos.

All of the elements I have been working on thus far are going to be composited into the same shot. The Accord is going to be smashed by Siam at the edge of the break in the road.