Silent Walls

It’s been awhile since my last architectural scene, so here is a new one! About 3-4 days work. I’m pretty happy with it for the most part, minus a few minor things.

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  • Render Time: All Night Long
  • Work Time: 3-4ish Days
  • Software: Blender 2.74 and Photoshop


Looks great! How did you do the water?


I used a refraction and glossy shader mixed using a layer weight node and with a water normal map plugged into all three nodes. :slight_smile:

Great work :slight_smile:

Not bad, even though it is very basic. Good work!

You know the saying, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.:wink:

I like how the white balance of the image is based on the sky- not the main architecture. In real life this would be a bad photograph, but in Blender- subtle art :yes:


Haha, thank you!

Thanks! As @Terrance8D pointed out, I was going for something slightly minimalist. Plus my Computer was slowing down a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! Yes, the colors are a little wacky for realism, but artistic licence is what makes art, art after all. I think… :confused: