Silhouette Museum (UPDATES PG 3)

Ok im gonna make like a musuem with a bunch of these in it but im just working on the glass texture (thats why i have stuff behind it)

What do yall think of my glass?
Thank you in advance.

Less alpha harder spec and maybe a bit of IOR…
Ok ill change those settings.

Nice! I can’t imagine what the scene will be like, but the man is neat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok heres an update.

I plan to do a lot more of the glass things and work on some more details.

O o… it starts to be mangish! evacuate now! :stuck_out_tongue:

All the pics im using are from my favorite online comic Penny-arcade.

Go there for the pics. Im gonna email this to them as a gift for being a kick ass comic.

Ok heres an update.

With or without the fire?

Ok last update for the night (or mornin really its 5 oclock in the mornin here, never went to sleep)

Please C&C

I would turn the alpha allllll the way down and add some more IOR (set it to 1.5 for real glass refraction)

the IOR makes sure you see the object as well, so you don’t really need a higher alpha to see the object.


When I’ve managed successful looking glass the settings have involved a mid hard setting (250-300) a high spec setting (quite near the top, as close as possible without washing out the details with an overwhelming specular glow) an alpha setting of 0, or sometimes 0.01 or the like, IOR of 1.5, something around .30-.50 raymir, perhaps a bit of fresnel to taste, and raytrans.

Of course, the best settings don’t look a think like glass if the scene isn’t light properly. The light settings are what will make it shine correctly.

I like the idea! Keep it up!

Oh. And I like the idea of fire, but I don’t like how it was implemented in the one scene with it. Perhaps use a different method.

Ok update.

Still working on the glass Silhouttes.

Ok major Revamp here.
Please C&C

Ok update.

Pls Comment on the museum.
I need some C&C here.

It looks strange. I would rather cut the floor and some ceiling from the pic so that there will be left only interesting things… unless you are going to make some details in front of the actual glass figures. I dunno… i don’t get the whole idea i think.

Keep it up or better :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the idea and the progress you’ve made with this. The outlines of the figures are good / interesting as they say something about each character. Good style. The museum doesn’t have a museum feel to it yet IMO.

A couple of ideas - make the plinths bigger / slightly more elaborate. I was thinking of a solid marble block like they have for sculptures. Put a brass plaque or something with the names of the characters on it. Don’t know if thats any help.

PS And then make an animation with your silhouettes

The plinths? What are those?
Are those the things that my silhouttes are on?

yes…there are lots of different sorts of plinth though. Here’s an example

Ok I did the plinths over again and added some glass cases around the silhouttes.
And I also redid my floors. Hope you like.

C&C please.
And thank you in advance.

This is a lovely idea. Your silhouettes are fantastic.

My only crit is that the floor is a little too attention grabbing for my taste. My eye is drawn to the shiny floor before the silhouettes.

Awesome work!