Silliest question ever =/

I seriously feel bad about asking something as basic as this…Ive been playing with Blender for a little while (im new to it), and have had much fun following a few bazillion tutorials, but at every single one of them, I always end up with the same problem…no matter what I do, I cannot get textures to work correctly… First, my lamps’ effects never seem to refresh unless I click on my objects and move them a little, or go back and forth edit and object mode (maybe thats normal?), and second, let say I have a marble purple texture, on the object itself it will merely display a washed out purple color, without anything hinting at the texture I put on it (aka: texture view and shaded view are exactly the same).

Again, sorry if the answer to this problem is all over the place, I honestly searched a lot, and this seems so basic…

Thanks in advance.

You tried rendering? F12


yes shados the textured view displays UV texures on ogjects, these come from image files and need to be especially UV mapped.

the shaded view displays only the objects base colour, and basic openGL shading from the lamp or lamps in the scene.

anyway good luck


doh. I thought the “render this window” button was the same as F12…obviously, hitting F12 showed what I wanted.

However, there’s no way to see the textures in the 3d window without rendering? I mean, seeing the texture as you work with the object? rendering is the only way to see it? Also rather awkward, the light in the 3d window is nothing like it is once rendered… (the render is correct, the 3d window isn’t…). Any key or whatsnot to refresh the light effects without having to, let say, move the lamp around a little for it to notice the changes?

edit after seeing alltaken’s reply:

Ahhh, makes sense. Well, Im all set to go now then, it was that simple.

Thanks you two!

About viewport refreshing… I wish it was automatic…
But “while” it isn´t put your mouse cursor over the window you want an update and hit NUMPAD 9

Alexandre Rangel

As always, here comes the real answer :wink:


This is not quite correct. The shaded view does not use OpenGL shading, but indeed uses shading and texturing (however, only with vertex accuracy) from the render engine (and lamps). You are talking about Solid view, which uses OpenGL lighting and no texturing, and does not use the scene’s lamps at all.


Yes, it is possible to see the textures in 3d window. However, this is only done at per-vertex accuracy, so you would have to 1) increase subsurf level on subsurf meshes or 2) subdivide your meshes or 3) increase resolution on whatever object you have.

The lighting in shaded view can be refreshed by pressing CTRL-Z, and is automatically and constantly refreshed while in a shaded 3d view.


As I just stated, it is automatic for “inside” a shaded 3d-view and actions taken in that same window.